Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Decorate A Patio Deck

Enhance your patio with an assortment of plants.

Turn your patio or deck into a warm weather respite. Decorate the space with relaxed lighting, casual fabrics and plenty of seating options for family and friends. Treat your patio or deck as an extension of your home by enhancing it with a similar decor or color scheme. You can also decorate the space according to a specific theme, such as nautical or English garden. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Infuse the patio with soft lighting. Hang string lights from railings or from tree branches. Choose lights in shapes that coordinate with the patio decor theme, such as flowers, frogs or butterflies. Small white string lights will give the space an elegant, romantic feel. Place citronella candles or other votives on patio tables.

2. Create a comfortable seating area on your patio. Set up a matching white wicker love seat and chair set; enhance them with brightly colored cushions for a summer-inspired look. Paint an old wooden bench to match the rest of the patio decor. Buy a large comfortable chaise lounge on which to read or nap on warm afternoons.

3. Decorate with a functional and eye-pleasing bistro set. Choose a black wrought iron set with curvy details and a glass or stone top. Place the set in a patio corner and use it to host casual lunches or intimate dinners.

4. Fill the space with potted and hanging plants to celebrate the outdoors. Hang plants from ceiling hooks. Decorate empty spaces with large potted tropical plants. Choose wicker plant pots for an island vibe, hand-painted ceramic pots for an artsy look, or terracotta pots to create a rustic style. Set out vases of fresh-picked garden blooms or wildflowers.

5. Enhance the patio with outdoor-inspired accessories. If you have room, hang a hammock from trees or the ceiling. Buy an umbrella to cover a table in an outdoor space to protect family and friends from the elements. Place tropical-looking bamboo mats on the floor. Transform a child's vintage wagon into a creative planter.

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