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Display Kitchen Accessories

Display Kitchen Accessories

Functional appliances, objects and utensils make sleek and colorful kitchen accessories. The eye-appealing décor in silver serving spoons, wire whisks, cups and bowls can be displayed without becoming clutter. Group items according to color, function and storage space to create areas of artistic interest in the kitchen and display accessories with style. Does this Spark an idea?


Create Scenes with Objects

1. Take an inventory of items with similar purposes. Create a special shelf for bakery items like the flour sifter and ceramic mixing bowls, for example. Attach hooks or wire cradles for measuring cups or spoons and rolling pins.

2. Find items that are all one color and group them on large, decorative trays.

3. Consider a hanging pot rack for copper pots, colored pans and utensils such as spatulas and slotted spoons; add strings of garlic or a garland of chili peppers. Utilizing overhead areas frees counter space and provides a focal point to the room.

4. Use plate racks for fiesta ware or decorative, patterned plates. Cranberry glass or blue willowware plates arranged in racks simulate art pieces.

5. Canisters and cookie jars displayed on the counter are objects in style. Use food as art:Tall jars filled with oil and herbs, clear glass jars filled with assorted pastas or jars of olives or pickles add color and texture.

6. Fill up the corners---corner shelves add space and decoration to bare areas when adorned with baskets or stacks of folded linen.

7. Hanging rods fitted into backsplash areas can be outfitted with hooks and utensils to create easy-reach areas. Magnetic strips used to hold knives work with the same principle, using wall space under cabinets.

8. Use wire racks to introduce extra storage. Wire cribs for glassware and a wire holder for scoops are durable and take up little space. Wrought iron book holders displaying colorful cookbooks add an artistic flair.

9. Mount wine racks and spice racks in blank wall spaces. These create art when filled with colorful bottles of wine and spices. Spice racks are available as lazy Susans, wooden cylinders and traditional wooden racks.

10. Use a wrought iron and marble-topped serving cart to hold plants and flowers when not in use. A cookware stand is a tower of pots in graduated size and fits well in a nook.

Consider a traditional wooden plate rack mounted near a sink for a French Country or Tuscany-style kitchen.

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