Thursday, May 7, 2009

How Are Metal Beds Made

Types of Metal Beds

There are several types of metal beds, and therefore there are many ways in which they are manufactured. The typical metal bed frame includes two lengthwise metal frame channels and vertical supports. It is manufactured by bending steel (or other metal) into the "L"-shaped channel that supports the weight of the bed. This is accomplished using a metal hydraulic press, which uses two press plates to create the "L" shape. The supports are then cut to the proper width. The vertical feet are made by pressing one end of a flat metal sheet into a cylindrical shape while leaving one end flat and open. This end is then pressed into an "L" shape and welded to the bottom of the frame supports. The frame is then primed and painted with a protective paint, and casters are installed on the ends of the vertical feet.

Iron Beds

Iron beds are crafted by hand or by machine. In either instance iron rods are heated and bent to form the pieces needed to assemble the bed. The bending can be done by hand or machine. Using a blowtorch, forge or other heat source, the iron is heated and then it is either pressed around a form by a hydraulic press, or passed through rollers which bend and curl the iron rods. The hydraulic press bends the iron bars into specific shapes by pressing it around forms that mimic the shapes. The roller machines use rollers of different sizes to create bends in the metal of different circumferences. In either case, the iron must be heated to be shaped. Once the pieces are bent, they are assembled. The frame supports are welded to the headboard and footboard and cross braces are cut and welded to both sides. In some beds, brackets with cylindrical slots are welded to the frame and then iron rods are bent and set into those slots to create a frame.

Tube and Channel Beds

Metal tube beds are beds made from large-diameter metal tubing or piping. This is typically a thin walled metal pipe made from aluminum or steel. These beds are crafted in much the same ways as an iron bed. The tube is heated and then bent to form the pieces of the bed. The headboard is bent from one continuous piece in a "U" shape. The feet are simply the ends of each side of the pipe. The sides of the bed are bent from two separate pieces of pipe or channel steel, which is square-shaped metal pipe. The footboard is crafted from tubing or channel steel as well. Then smaller-diameter metal tubes are cut to fit inside the headboard and footboard. These are either welded to the headboard pieces or inserted inside of holes drilled into the headboard. The bed is assembled by welding the sides to the headboard and frame. Cross braces are cut and then welded to the frame or fitted into brackets to support the weight of the bed.

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