Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Install Decorative Hinges For Shutters

Shutters add a country appeal to a house and can be closed to protect windows.

Decorative hinges for shutters are not functional hinges or fasteners for closing and locking shutters but decorative items that display on the outside of each shutter. Merchants sell decorative hinge sets with an S-hook for each shutter. One kit includes hinges, accessories and screws for a set of two shutters, one on each side of one window. The decorative hinges are longer strap type hinges in a black color with matching S-hooks. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Measure 2 inches from the top inner edge of the shutter to the left of the window and mark with a marking pencil. Measure 3 inches from the bottom inner edge of the same shutter and mark with a marking pencil.

2. Hold one decorative hinge so the top lines up with the top mark on the shutter. Use a drill with a 1/8-inch drill bit to drill a pilot hole through each hole in the hinge and into the shutter. Screw the hinge screws into each pilot hole tightly.

3. Hold a second decorative hinge so the bottom lines up with the bottom mark on the same shutter. Use the drill to make pilot holes. Screw the hinge screws into each pilot hole tightly.

4. Repeat the process for the shutter on the right side of the window.

5. Attach S-hooks at the bottom left corner on the left shutter and the bottom right corner on the right shutter. These attach in the very outer corner of each shutter. Hold the S-hook up to the shutter and drill a pilot hole through the screw holes and into the shutter. Mount with the screws in the kit.

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