Monday, May 11, 2009

Landscape For Burglar Defense

Low shrubs provide fewer hiding places for burglars.

Landscaping makes your home look appealing, but it also affects your home's security. Burglars target homes that allow them to hide easily and get out quickly. Large, obstructive landscaping gives a thief a chance to break into the home easily without being seen by neighbors or those passing by. An assessment of your current landscaping helps you identify changes to make your home safer. Does this Spark an idea?

Plant Types

Plants that naturally grow low to the ground are ideal for discouraging burglars from entering the home. Plants that are below 2 feet are ideal. A few widely spaced, low bushes add greenery to the landscape without providing a hiding spot for burglars. Flowers also add decoration to the home without providing cover. Add plants with thorns near all of your windows to make access more difficult. Thorny plants are also ideal along fences to keep the burglar from climbing them. If your landscaping includes trees, trim the branches so they don't appear any lower than about 6 feet from the ground to make it difficult to hide there.


The height of elements in your landscaping is another factor. A dense row of hedges may be a safe option if you keep it no more than 2 feet tall so it doesn't provide cover. Keep all hedges and bushes trimmed on a regular basis to keep them low. This is particularly essential near entry points like windows and doors. Trim bushes along the house so there is at least a foot between the bottom of the window and the top of the bushes. Avoid planting tall bushes near the door.


Fences provide privacy to your home, but that privacy also makes it easier for a burglar to hide from neighbors or passersby. A wood privacy fence is particularly inviting to burglars since outsiders aren't able to see in at all. A dense row of hedges used as a fence also provides protection for someone who wants to break in. A chain link or wrought iron fence with wide gaps between the slats offers the least amount of protection for a burglar.


A well-lit home discourages burglars because they are more likely to be spotted at night. Turn on all of your exterior lights and assess the home from across the street at night. Look for dark areas in the landscaping, particularly around doors and windows. Lights mounted above the garage and by doors add general illumination to the front of the home. Add spotlights or small landscaping lights along pathways and in the landscaping to make it more difficult for burglars to hide there. Light the sides and back of your home as well to discourage entry in those areas.

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