Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cost Of Building A Fence

A fence is something that provides homeowners with a sense of privacy and security. A fence can simply exist to improve the appearance of a home, or it can be put in place to prevent a pet from escaping a yard. No matter what the reason for the fence, building it is something that has costs. Does this Spark an idea?


The size of a fence influences cost. A fence for a larger yard requires more building materials than a fence for a smaller one.


A chain link or ornamental wrought iron fence may incur different costs than a wooden fence.


Among wooden fences, a regular wooden picket fence is a bit cheaper per foot than a 6-foot-tall privacy fence.


For home owners wishing to install their own fence, prices for tools needed would be something to figure into their overall cost.


A vinyl fence is the most expensive fence option to have installed, but it's also the option that requires the least maintenance.

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