Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Interior Design Funky Bedroom Ideas

Rococo trims make a Plain Jane bedroom feel more bohemian.

Leave those perfectly matched bedroom sets and coordinated textiles for catalog spreads or furniture showrooms.Your bedroom decor should reflect the person or people who live in it. Let your imagination run wild when planning bedroom decor. Funky style elements result in a bedroom that has personality. Does this Spark an idea?

Bohemian Modern

The key word in bohemian modern, or "bomo," decor is eclectic. Mix and match eras, finishes, prints, colors and themes to create a funky bedroom that evokes a Parisian art salon or a Gypsy caravan. A beaded Indian sari may cover windows or the bed, and an engraved Moroccan coffee table or a scattering of floor cushions function as a casual sitting and reading area. Toss the mattress directly on the floor and surround it with cascading mosquito nets, or paint a vintage wrought-iron bed frame periwinkle blue and toss paisley, floral and toile cushions on the bed for funky style.


A Gothic bedroom can go in several decorations, from Victorian froufrou to urban industrial grit. Black, red, charcoal, silver, gold, burgundy and purple constitute the palette, which may include paint for walls, furniture frames, bedding and accessories. A black wrought-iron chandelier with naked bulbs lends the space some macabre austerity. Cover shelves or cabinets in dark embroidered velvet and line surfaces with candles, candelabras, lanterns or skull imagery.


Let an island breeze flow through your bedroom with tiki decor. Dark wood furniture made of teak or rosewood, or painted to emulate it, lend the space a tropical feeling. Outdoor furnishings such as a wicker love seat or a rattan coffee table work well in the space. Surround a low platform bed with sheer panels or, for the feeling of an outdoor bedroom, stalks of bamboo planted in pots. Dedicate an accent wall to a display of carved wooden masks and totemic figures.

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