Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ideas For Old Cast Iron Bells

Some cast iron bells evoke a rustic, Old World feel.

Old cast iron is typically charming. Cast iron bells, in particular, suggest a sense of history and whimsy and make for interesting, and sometimes functional, home decorating. Whether you have bells that are large, small, broken, or in working order, transform them into attractive additions to your home. Does this Spark an idea?


Turn an old bell upside down and bury it partially in your backyard for use as a garden planter. Bells with cracks and rust holes work especially well for this project due to the drainage the imperfections provide.

Simple Doorbell

If you have a small iron bell that is functional, create an old-fashioned, mounted doorbell to hang in place of a door bell. Mount the bell a few inches away from the wall so that the bell can ring freely. If the bell is not functional, hang it as a decoration.

Wind Chimes

If you have several small iron bells, string them together to make a wind chime.

Affix each bell to a different length of metal chain (available at hardware stores), then string the chains onto a large metal ring for hanging. Adjust the lengths of chain so that the bells hang close together, but do not touch.


Climbing Plants

Turn a large iron bell into a frame for climbing plants by wrapping it in chicken wire. Press the wire so that it conforms to the shape of the bell, then pull the wire slightly away from the bell to give plants room to snake between the wire and the bell as they grow. When your climbing plants mature the result is a topiary-like structure.

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