Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Colonial Williamsburg Bedroom Decorating Ideas

A handmade candle is a great accessory for a Colonial Williamsburg bedroom.

Decorating your bedroom with a Colonial Williamsburg influence is a wonderful way to turn back time to a wonderful and elegant period of American history. From the simple, clean lines of primitive handcrafted pieces to stunning European-influenced pieces, you can have fun finding the perfect balance you want for your bedroom. Add a few classic Colonial accessories and a traditional Williamsburg wall color, and your dream bedroom can become a reality. Does this Spark an idea?


If you have ever visited Colonial Williamsburg or developed your passion for this style based upon what you have learned in school, read in magazines or seen on TV, you know that one of most noticeable portions of this design period are its colors. Most of the colors were taken from nature. With modern technology, though, you can buy your wall color paint based on fact. According to Willie Graham, Colonial Williamsburg's architectural historian, "The use of advanced research techniques has transformed what we know about the paint colors our ancestors enjoyed at the time of the American Revolution. This is a thoroughly documented, exceptionally accurate collection of color." You can buy these authentic Williamsburg paint colors at your local home improvement or paint stores.


According to the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation's website, there are numerous licensed manufacturers that make, historically reproduced pieces that can be bought for your bedroom. Some of the designs are exact reproductions from Colonial pieces while others include a small "tweak" to give add a slightly modern feel without straying too far from 18th century design. As an added benefit, for every purchase made through a Williamsburg-licensed manufacturer, a contribution will be made to the preservation, research, and educational programs of The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.

When looking for accessories, look for wrought iron, brass finial, hand-dipped or bee's wax candles, carved nuts, fruits and animals, and handmade bed linens, lace and needlework pillows. Another important accessory is china and crystal that mimics 17th- to 18th-century style.


Furniture is another important design element for a Colonial Williamsburg bedroom. When looking for your space, look for darker wood tones with decorative brass drawer pulls. As for a bed, look for a stunning four-poster bed with thin, tall posts topped with a decorative wood finial. You can also buy a stained-wood canopy bed that can be enhanced with Colonial-themed fabrics or lace.

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