Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuscan Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Lavender is classic Tuscany.

Tuscan-inspired décor, which includes items such as grapes and wine bottles, is ideal for kitchens. So if you want to bring that feel into your kitchen then choose items reminiscent of the Italian countryside, and don't be afraid to combine the rustic and the elegant, as Tuscan decorating is about combining several types of textures and textiles to create a sophisticated and classic look. Does this Spark an idea?

Grape- and Wine-Inspired Decor

Grape- and wine-inspired décor conjures up images of the Italian countryside, so bring into your home by stringing mini purple and green grape-shaped lights around doorways and windows, which will provide a warm glow during dinner parties. Buy vintage wine and olive oil bottles and paint them with grape and leaf designs, then use them to hold flowers and sprigs of dried rosemary and lavender. Create a customized bulletin board out of wine bottle corks and use it to post grocery and to-do lists. Use an empty wine bottle to hold a candelabra and purple and green candles, which makes a classy dinner table centerpiece.

Rustic Furniture

Use rustic kitchen furniture, reminiscent of Italian country farmhouses. For instance, buy a rough-hewn wood dinner table and decorate it with a sunny yellow or red gingham tablecloth. Hang a wrought-iron chandelier lamp above your kitchen table and use soft lighting to create a relaxed ambiance. An antique wood pie safe will add country charm to your kitchen. Use a vintage table as a center kitchen island to add surface space for chopping, cooking and other kitchen tasks.

Natural Elements

Tuscan décor consists of natural elements, such as stone, ceramic, cotton, marble, pottery, wrought iron and bronze. Accordingly, install a bronze faucet in your sink for instant countryside appeal or replace your cabinet and drawer handles with wrought-iron versions. Use stone tile flooring and marble countertops. Place your silverware in artistic pottery or ceramic canisters featuring rooster, grape or vine designs. Hang organic cotton towels in shades of rustic red, plum or gold, which will be both functional and decorative. For a rustic look, fill terra cotta plant pots with lavender, rosemary, basil and other herbs and store them in your windowsill so they are at your fingertips when you are preparing an Italian recipe.

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