Thursday, June 23, 2011

Black & Green Kitchen Decorating Themes

Green paint and black accents can make a unique kitchen theme.

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any home. It is the gathering place for friends and family during holidays or special dinners and deserves special care and thought when choosing a decorating scheme. It should reflect your personality and style while being fun and inviting. Look to your favorite colors as inspiration. For example, if you are drawn to green tones, look to black for your accessories and develop a kitchen theme that will blend these two colors in the most unique and creative ways. Does this Spark an idea?

Nature Abounds

Black iron trivets in different patterns make wonderful wall accents.

Create a soothing and welcoming atmosphere in your kitchen by filling it with living greenery. Start with a pale green wall, then add black wrought iron accents, towel holders, cup holders, decorative trivets, baker's racks and plant hangers filled with live green plants such as ivy and ferns. Include a black planter filled with culinary herbs on your kitchen counter, giving you instant access to fresh additions to your cooking. Herbs like cilantro, basil, chives, thyme and oregano grow well indoors and can be harvested quickly to enhance your favorite dish.

Good Enough to Eat

There's nothing more exciting than the sound of an ice cream truck coming down the street. Add that excitement to your home by creating a mint chocolate chip ice cream theme for your kitchen. Start with mint colored walls and black cabinets. Add black polka dot "chips" scattered on open wall space and fill your display shelves with ice cream accessories (dishes, scoops, old signage, etc). Fill an apothecary jar with chocolate chips or green M&M's for an additional accent. Add a pot of fresh mint onto your counter for that great minty taste and smell and watch everyone scream for the cool treats coming from the room.

Fine Art

Living, family and bedrooms aren't the only place you can feature fine art. Use a favorite art print in black and green to inspire the decoration of your kitchen. Frame your art in black and add extra smaller prints framed in black or green to create a focal point for your kitchen. Accessorize with the colors featured in the prints. Consider a forest scene wall mural as your focal point. Easy to apply, it creates a peaceful feeling and brings a hint of the outdoors inside. Accent the kitchen with patio-like black iron and glass tables and chairs and add aged stone vases or even a glass-topped birdbath as a corner plant stand. Highlight the area with wrought iron lantern sconces.

Food for Thought

Develop a kitchen theme using specifc foods as inspiration.

Look to several foods for inspiration. An avocado green wall can be accented with black and brown paper faux leather accessories and a giant print of an avocado. Fill a molcajete (a black stone grinding bowl found in Mexican restaurants) with avocados and use it as a table decoration. A kiwi-inspired kitchen might feature light green walls, mossy green cabinets, black accessories and an almond shaped black seed border.

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