Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Decorate Cabin Bathrooms

Decorate a cabin bathroom with rustic charm.

Cabin bathroom decor is popular with homeowners who desire a relaxing, nature inspired house design. Whether the architecture of the home includes rough interior cabin beams or smooth traditional walls, you'll find many ways to amplify the bathroom space and give it a lodge-style appearance. By incorporating a rich color palette, wood or slate floors, wildlife motif lighting, wooden elements and appropriate rustic accessories, you can create your own cabin bathroom area. The result is a room with function and style with a touch of rustic flair. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Use a nature-inspired color palette. To serve as a backdrop for the entire lodge-style bathroom design, select a room color palette for surfaces like dry-walled walls, window treatment and shower curtain fabrics, and other rustic accessories reminiscent of nature. Hues ranging from sage green to tan to red are appropriate for this style of decor and add optimal visual appeal to the space.

2. Add rustic lighting. Choose wall sconces and ceiling fixtures in copper or wrought iron finishes with nature-inspired motifs such as pinecones, deer, bears, fish and trees. To further amplify the cabin bathroom decor, incorporate a small accent lamp with a faux rawhide shade on a side table or vanity.

3. Hang a lodge-style mirror. Enhance the space above the sink area by selecting a rustic-themed vanity mirror with an outer edging frame depicting tree branches, or a frame with simple birch wood accents, to create a focal point that is stylish and functional at the same time.

4. Incorporate a slate or wood floor. Natural materials like these make ideal surfaces for a lodge-style bathroom. The rough, irregular lines of these flooring choices amplifies the look and feel of the room. Scatter a few braided area rugs as a finishing accent to the floor to provide warmth and visual interest to the design.

5. Add a wood vanity. Cabin-style decor is all about nature. One way to highlight this element is by choosing a bathroom vanity in slightly distressed varieties of hickory, mahogany, pine or oak woods. Finish off the piece with wrought iron hardware for a vanity with rustic flair.

6. Accessorize the lodge-style bathroom. Add artwork in natural themes to the walls. Roll up towels and store them in wicker baskets next to the sink, and select a shower curtain that coordinates with the color palette for a cabin bathroom with style.

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