Friday, June 24, 2011

Make An Old Door Into Primitive Decor

Old hardware adds to the rustic charm of an old door.

Primitive decor often includes handcrafted designs made with elements found in nature. Beeswax candles, dried herbs, metal stars and decor made from twigs are a few of the natural items you can find in a primitive-style home. The rustic properties of an old wooden door also fit into primitive decor. Hang the door along the hallway wall to create a background for primitive art or hang it behind your bed to create a primitive-style headboard. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Remove any loose paint or stain from the old door with light-grade sandpaper. The objective is to keep the door looking as natural as possible, but clean it up enough to accept the wood sealer. Skip this step if you like the old door as is.

2. Spray the old door with a light coat of polyurethane wood sealer in a matte finish. The sealer will protect the door from moisture damage. Skip this step if you skipped Step 1.

3. Install decorative wrought iron hooks on the front of the old door using a screwdriver. Place the hooks on the door frame, between the door panels or centered on the panels, whichever looks best to you. Leave room for twig-framed photos between the decorative hooks.

4. Locate at least two wall studs using a stud finder on the wall where you plan to hang the old door. Install wall hangers into the wall studs. Old doors are heavy and need the support of a wall stud rather than an anchor hook. Install wall hangers on the back of the old door to line up with the wall hangers on the wall. Hang the door.

5. Gather a bunch of dried herbs or flowers and wrap them together with twine. Leave enough twine dangling from the dried herb bunch to tie to the decorative wrought iron hooks. Hang dried herbs from as many of the decorative hooks as you like.

6. Insert a nail into the front of the old door to hold a twig frame. Center the nails between the wrought iron hooks or in the center of each door panel. Place photos in the twig frames and hang the frames on the door.

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