Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ideas On Decorating An Archway For A Wedding

A simple palm leaf wrap works for a beach wedding.

Create a cohesive design theme as you decorate the archway for a wedding. An archway is a covering or enclosing arch where the bride and groom exchange their vows during the ceremony. Most are composed from wood or metal, which are usually too harsh a line for a wedding, so adding some design elements softens the look and brings in the wedding theme.


Fabric can soften the hard lines of an arch. Choose fabric reminiscent of your wedding theme. Some examples include tulle or organza for a soft, romantic feel; toile for a French flair; silk or gossamer for a Roman appearance; gauze for a beach wedding, or rope for a western theme. Fabric may be draped from the center and gathered at the sides and pool onto the ground, or it may be weaved through the open lattice of the arch and wrapped around the columns.

Flowers and Vines

Embellish the fabric with flowers and vines. Whether you go for live or faux flowers, the procedure remains the same. Wind ivy vines around the fabric or the column posts of the arch, attaching it with florist wire. Grape vines or ribbons may be substituted for ivy. Prepare the largest flower arrangement in the center of the arch, directly over where the couple will exchange their vows. A kissing ball of red roses may hang down from the center. Weave flowers into the vines or place two smaller flower arrangements where the fabric is tied back.


Lighting is especially effective for a nighttime wedding as it adds a soft glow to the occasion. Wrap twinkle lights inside light fabric, such as tulle, so the bulbs and wires remain hidden but the light shines through. Another option is to wrap the column poles with the twinkle lights or to drape the lights along the front of the arch and cover them with flowers. You may also use LED lights that resemble candles and stick them into the arrangement.


For a beach wedding, forgo the flowers and fabric and decorate with large palm fronds and shells instead. Weave the palm fronds around the posts and arch as you allow shells to drape from the center and strands of shells to wrap around the leaves. Another option is to decorate the arch with balloons or creating a balloon arch. Tie the balloons to the arch in groups while some are tight to the arch and others are allowed to float above.

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