Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pvc Fence Vs Wrought Iron

Wrought iron fences do not make good privacy fences.

Choosing between PVC fence and wrought iron can be a difficult decision for a homeowner. Both materials have their advantages and disadvantages in terms of construction and affordability, and each is the best choice for specific applications. Deciding between the two can be made easier by understanding some benefits and limitations to each. Does this Spark an idea?


The first thing you should consider, when choosing between the two construction materials, is how much privacy is factors into your decision to erect a fence. Wrought iron makes an excellent fence for security and a trespassing deterrent, but its bar spacing will not provide privacy for your yard. PVC, on the other hand, comes in a variety of solid styles that will hide your yard from prying eyes.


A properly installed wrought iron security fence is very difficult to damage or safely climb. In the case of PVC, however, even a well-constructed fence can be relatively easy to break or climb. Wrought iron comes in a variety of styles constructed for security, with minimally-spaced bars and sharp tips to prevent climbing. If you are constructing your fence for the sole purpose of security, wrought iron far surpasses PVC.


Both fence materials are relatively durable. PVC may require less maintenance, with only occasional mildew or mold buildup to contend with if you live in a humid climate. Wrought iron will last many years with no maintenance but will rust if not repainted every season or every other season.


Until recently, PVC and wrought iron fences were similarly costly to install. The popularity of PVC fencing, however, has led to a substantial decrease in cost. Wrought iron, on the other hand, is being used less and less as a building material. As such, installing PVC fencing will be considerably less costly than wrought iron for enclosing your yard.


Installation methods for both PVC and wrought iron fences typically involve pouring concrete footings for the fence posts. Wrought iron, however, will require considerably more concrete to support its increased weight. Some PVC fencing can even be installed without concrete if placed at a sufficient depth. When it comes to installation, PVC is a much simpler install compared to wrought iron.

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