Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Use Cast Iron Whistling Teapots

Teapots may be made of cast iron, ceramic or copper.

Teapots are closed containers with a narrow opening. They allow water to be heated directly over an open flame, bringing it to boiling very rapidly. Most teapots are made of cast iron, although you can find ones made of ceramic or copper. The whistling teapot was invented in the 1900's. A whistling teapot is a teapot with a small hole bored in the lid of the spout. When the water inside reaches boiling point, the steam pressure causes a whistling sound. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Fill the whistling teapot with water. Fill the water to half an inch below the level where the spout connects to the pot. This keeps the water from boiling over.

2. Place the filled teapot on a stove, and turn on the heat. You can turn the heat on to the highest temperature to heat the water faster. The cast iron can sustain the high heat from gas stoves and electric stoves. It is also conductive and works especially well on induction stoves.

3. Wait for a whistling sound to come from the teapot. When this happens, the water is at the boiling point.

4. Turn off the stove, pull the lever that flips the spout cap up and pour the water.

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