Thursday, June 16, 2011

Install Lenape Corner Shelves

Prepare the corner for the Lanape corner shelf assembly.

Remodeling or changing a bathroom can be one of the most labor intensive home improvement projects, and one of the most rewarding. No other renovation can offer as much personal use and enjoyment as a newly upgraded personal hygiene and grooming area. Lenape corner shelves can add convenience to these areas. Heavy duty makeovers require a professional level of exactness and tile laying know-how, since most modern baths are laden with tiled floors, walls and ceilings. To prevent the frustration of tearing out and redoing these jobs, plan and lay out the job carefully before starting. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Measure the amount of room needed to accommodate the new shelf space.

2. Locate and mark the mounting location.

Remove any tile already covering the mounting area.

3. Measure and cut into the sheetrock to fit the Lenape corners. Temporarily set the shelves into the space and draw an outline around the shelves, marking the exact spot they will be located.

4. Reinstall the removed tile up to the line. Make cuts where needed to make the tile fit back into the newly reduced space.

5. Apply masking tape to the outside of the pencil line.

6. Turn the shelves over so that the back of the assembly is facing up. Squeeze out a bead of bathroom silicone sealant around the mounting flange, roughly a quarter inch from the edge.

7. Set the shelving assembly into place. Check it for straightness. Use firm, steady pressure to press it into place, once it is perfectly straight. Do not to let it slip or move while you are pressing it into place. Continue pressing into place firmly for a count of 30 to 45 seconds.

8. Use your dry forefinger to go around the outer edges to smooth and remove excess sealant. Remove tape and let dry for at least 24 hours before getting it wet. Check the sealant seam after it has dried and add sealant if needed.

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