Monday, June 6, 2011

Make A Steel Entry Gate

A steel walk-through entry gate can add elegance and security.

The beauty and security of a steel entry gate will last for many years. Fabricators, blacksmiths, and welders can manufacture unique steel entry gates to enhance the style of the home, estate, or business thus making a statement of affluence and elegance. Entry gates can be made for walk-through entries of small patio and garden homes or for large ranch and estate driveways or service entrances. Whether your entrance is plain or ornate, the addition of a steel entry gate will add value along with privacy to any property. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Checking the security gate's opening for plumb is crucial for proper gate installation.

Measure the desired opening's inside height and width, including each side at total height and distance from ground along with the width at both the top and bottom for the main gate frame. If the main frame is arched, allow for the type of bending required to achieve the desired form.

2. Allowance for gate latches and hinges for proper gate measurements.

Measure the distance of the hinge and pintles according to the type used or the manufacturers stated measurements for attachment and mounting. Measure the outside point of the latch for small gates with it in the open position for a gate that is to fit on the inside of a measured opening or measure the plate attachment point according to the type of automatic gate opener used. Be sure to deduct the distance of the hinge and pintle on the attachment side of the gate to assure proper gate opening and swing.

3. A level gate swings open and close without as much resistance and wear on the hardware.

Draw a template of the gate on a welding table or level slab of concrete, using pencil or other suitable marking device that does not come off easily, according to opening sizes. Fit the frame or outer pieces to the opening sizes, keeping in mind that not all openings are plumb and square. Level the top and bottom or shape to design.

4. Additional stock is required for entry gates with arches.

Measure and cut the 1 1/4-inch by 2 1/4-inch steel tubing for the gate frame, according to template. Entry gates with arched tops may require additional stock and will need to be measured in accordance to desired design.

5. Weld the balusters to the frame of the entry gate for added strength and support.

Assemble the entry gate frame by welding. Square any 90-degree corners with carpenter square and make sure the sides are plumb. For large gates, measure opposing opposite corners with a 25-foot or larger expandable carpenters ruler to make sure the large gate is square and adjust if needed.

6. Sealed bearings in some security hinges have rubber parts that can melt if overheated.

Place and weld hinges to the gate frame, positioning the center of the hinge's pintle hole where it aligns with the center point of the pintle when attached to its supporting structure. When using sealed bearing hinges or hinges with bearing, take care not to overheat the bearings and damage the seals.

7. Ornamental pieces add beauty to a steel entry gate.

Cut the various stock steel and steel tubing; making bends and adding the decorative pieces as stated in the desired design plans. Cut purchased fabricated balusters, railings, and ornamental iron pieces and fit into the existing design. Grind any burrs from the ends of the tubing so caps and plugs fit.

8. Steel entry gate with added kick plate and ornamental tips.

Assemble the entry gate's supporting and decorative pieces according to the design template by welding; adding additional hardware including any unique features such as dead bolt locks, kick plates, and automatic gate opening device attachment plates should precede the attachment of ornamental pieces.

9. Proper finishing of a steel entry gate prevents coatings from peeling.

Clean and apply a finish to the completed entry gate in accordance to owner's choice with a rust inhibiting primer and a finish coating of owners choice. Powder coating is an option.

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