Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Decorate Colonial Homes Inside

Pewter accessories add to the historical ambiance.

Decorating a Colonial style home with period pieces gives the interior an Old World and historic charm. These homes were created when America was settled and through the beginning of the 19th century. Colonial homes are often one and a half or two stories. They may be an upright row house or a New England clapboard that resembles an old time farmhouse. Reproductions of this style often have dormers and siding that looks like wood. Another feature evident in this style is double hung windows. Using the right decor enhances the Colonial influence. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Pick earth tones, such as gray-green, ochre and cream for your fabrics and wall paint colors. These shades were prevalent in modest Colonial homes. Colors that were typical in prominent homes were rich tones of blue, yellow or red.

2. Hang old platters and decorative dishes on the wall to infuse a vintage charm from the time period. Use plate hangers from discount or home supply stores to mount the dishes.

3. Lay a handwoven, needlepoint or rag rug in front of sofas and chairs to provide an intimate conversation area. Add this natural look to your wall by displaying a batik or needlepoint tapestry.

4. Pick upholstery fabrics and drapes in a chintz, toile, subtle floral print or plaid.

5. Purchase English style furniture, such as Federalist, Chippendale or Queen Anne style chairs, tables or other types of furniture to complement the Colonial style. Reproductions, such as a fainting couch or spinning wheel, are another type of option that is less costly than antique pieces. Select dark wood tones, such as mahogany, for an elegant and formal appeal. Choose couches and chairs that show their legs, rather than buying upholstered furniture with skirting around this area.

6. Place crocheted doilies on mantels, end tables and coffee tables. This adds to the old fashioned ambiance. Another option is to use crochet or lace canopies over your bed or in trim on the curtains.

7. Display an old fashioned trestle table in your kitchen or dining room. One that has simple lines with few details is another option to add a vintage touch to the room.

8. Display decor made of pewter, wood, wrought iron, pottery and tin. These pieces add a formal or vintage look to the rooms in your Colonial style home.

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