Friday, June 3, 2011

Hit A Golf Ball Solid Every Time

Proper technique helps a golfer hit a solid golf shot.

Watching pro golfers hit a ball makes the sport seem easy. But hitting the ball off a tee or the ground requires good technique and a variety of little things. From being relaxed in the tee box to keeping your feet straight to following through on your shot, hitting a solid ball takes practice. Head to the driving range or local park, or practice your swing in your back yard. Practice makes perfect.


1. Relax and stay balanced. Stretch before the game by doing toe touches by taking your hand and extend to touch your opposite foot or bring your knees up in a high-stepping motion. These exercises help loosen your lower back and strengthen your core. Stay balanced by not falling back during the swing. Keep your feet separated to allow you to stay balanced while maintaining your weight in the balls of your feet.

2. Maintain a good tempo. Do this by swinging slowly and smoothly. Keep your arms straight, bending them only in your backswing and downswing.

3. Compress the ball. The golf ball flies as the ball is compressed between the golf club face and the ground, creating power as it leaves the club. Hit down on the ball and don't scoop it. Act as if you're driving the ball into the ground and the force of your shot will help you to follow through.

4. Swing smoothly; don't swing too hard or overswing. You can do this by extending your backswing or speeding up the backswing or downswing. By speeding up your swing, you may mishit the ball and ground it. By swinging too far on your backswing, the club may shift, causing you to mishit.

5. Grip lightly. By holding your clubs with a lighter grip, your wrist will lock on to the backswing while your upper arms bend and allow the club to do the work.

6. Stand close to the ball. If you are too far away, you have to overreach to hit it and will likely slice or mishit the ball. By placing shoulders and arms loosely in front of you with the club, the club should easily reach the ball. A good distance from the ball allows you to extend your arms for the shot.

7. Swing through the ball to maintain control. By swinging down on the ball, you are controlling it as you follow through. Let your arms use the club to work as your use proper form. That includes an even plane in your swing, from backswing to follow through.

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