Monday, June 20, 2011

Choose Best Driveway Gate Designs

There are special requirements for driveway gate designs which differ from other types of entry gates. You not only need to look for strength, but proper size and convenience is important as well. Because cars and other vehicles will enter the driveway gate, it is especially important to use driveway gate designs with these factors in mind. Does this Spark an idea?


1. ** Measure the width and height of vehicles that will enter the driveway gate **

The driveway gate needs to fit not only your own car, but should be large enough to allow entry into emergency vehicles as well. Design the driveway gate to take into account not only the width of vehicles, but also the height. Make sure to leave some extra width on the sides to make entry though the gate easy and accident free.

2. ** Leave enough space in the driveway before the wrought iron driveway gate **

When constructing a driveway gate design, it is important to measure the distance between the road and the gate. The more space the driveway has between the road and the gate, the better as the car will need to wait in the driveway as the driveway gate opens up.

3. ** Opt for an automated entry **

Using an automated steel driveway gate, such as one that works with a remote control, is preferred with driveway entry gates so that you do not have to leave your car each time you want to open the gate.

4. ** Select strong materials **

Because driveway entry gates are large, make sure all materials are strong and supportive. Driveway gates made of steel or wrought iron are very sturdy, but the posts holding the gate up as well as the hinges need to be strong enough to take the weight.

5. ** Evaluate swinging vs. sliding driveway gate options **

You can choose a driveway gate that swings open and outward or one that slides sideways. Swinging doors require space in front or in back of the gate but are generally cheaper and more popular than sliding gates. Sliding gates require enough space on the side of the gate for the gate to open into, however, they may be preferred if you have something that would interfere with the free swinging of a driveway gate or if the gate is on a steep slope.

6. ** Make sure the driveway gate opens safely **

If you choose a swinging driveway gate design, then it is important to design the driveway gate so that the gate opens fully beyond the driveway and does not stop partially inside the driveway. Make sure vehicles can enter safely without hitting the open gate.

7. ** Calculate in all the angles and slopes of your driveway **

If your driveway is located on an angle or has curves in it, have a professional evaluate your landscape to best determine options for safe driveway gate designs.

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