Friday, June 17, 2011

Troubleshoot A Smith 8 Series Oil Furnace

Smith 8 series oil-fired water heaters are meant for residential use and offer a large water content and increased surface area for reduced mineral buildup and less corrosion. The units have a front access door for easy entry for cleaning and other standard maintenance tasks. Performing basic care and maintenance of the Smith oil furnace will help ensure several years of use, but if problems occur, performing some troubleshooting can help find and possibly fix the issue before a professional technician is needed. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Turn the Smith furnace "Off" and disconnect from the power supply before performing any troubleshooting, cleaning or maintenance tasks.

2. Make sure the furnace is turned "On" if it is not working. Ensure that the furnace is plugged into a working power supply, and reset household fuses or circuit breakers if necessary.

3. Remove the cover plate if the furnace is not working properly or heating as expected. Use a wire brush to clean the inside of the furnace, working from the top down toward the combustion chamber. Replace the cover plate.

4. Open the clean-out door, located on the right side of the burner mounting plate, if the furnace is not working well. Use a small hand-held vacuum to remove excess soot from the bottom of the chamber, avoiding the ceramic blanket on the bottom of the combustion chamber. Close the clean-out door when finished.

5. Examine the thermostat if the water temperature does not seem to be high enough or seems low. Turn the thermostat clockwise to increase the water temperature and turn it counterclockwise to reduce the water temperature. Allow several hours for the temperature to adjust.

6. Check the relief valves on the side of the furnace if the furnace appears to be leaking. If there are signs of water, corrosion or rust buildup, contact an authorized Smith service technician for assistance.

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