Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hinge Ideas For A Room Divider

Room divider hinges should suit the look of the room.

A room divider is an ideal object for breaking up a large room into two or more usable areas. It's common to separate dining rooms with living rooms and a large bedroom's sleeping area with its sitting area. Dividers typically have several hinges that allow you to position each of the panel's sections. When choosing hinges, ensure they match the room's overall style and decor. Does this Spark an idea?

Heavy Hinges

In a room that contains heavy elements, such as a wrought iron fireplace and furniture, select heavy hinges to maintain the room's style. Opt for large, iron hinges finished in black. If black hinges are not available, use large hinges and spray paint them black. Other suitable colors for heavy hinges include silver and rust color. When buying heavy hinges, ensure they're high quality -- because of their size, they will stand out in the room.

Small Hinges

If you want the panels of the room divider to be the focal point, rather than the hinges, select hinges that are small. These hinges have small plates that are easy to find in virtually every color and style. Because you likely won't move the room divider much after placing it, the hinges can be small. Small hinges also have tiny, discrete knuckles that will not stand out in the room.

Gate Hinges

To ensure the room divider's hinges can be part of the room's decor, use gate hinges. Unlike door hinges, gate hinges extend on one side of the gate or, in this case, the divider. A gate hinge typically has a long arm that can be straight, tapered or have intricate curves. The latter style is suitable for a room divider that contains a damask pattern, for example.


In a bedroom, it's sometimes ideal to have a soft, flowing theme. If your bedroom contains wood and material elements, metal hinges will not match the room's decor. instead of using traditional metal hinges for the divider, glue strips of suitably colored material down the side of each divider to act as a hinge. If possible, use the same material as the room's linens or curtain set to keep the theme consistent.

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