Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Paint An Iron Door Gate

Maintain an iron gate carefully to prevent unsightly rust.

An iron door gate may create an entryway through a fence or across a driveway, providing attractive security for your property. Because iron will develop rust as it sits outside in the elements, your door gate will require regular maintenance to keep it looking attractive. Paint an iron door gate after preparing the iron surface properly. As long as the iron surface does not have rust, the paint should adhere effectively. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Rub a wire brush over the metal of the iron door gate to remove rust and flaking paint. Work carefully to get the wire bristles into the crevices of the iron gate.

2. Sand the surface of the metal with a coarse file and sandpaper to remove all rust that may coat the metal. Continue sanding until you remove all rust, sanding down to the bare metal where necessary.

3. Saturate a cloth with mineral spirits and rub the metal thoroughly with the mineral spirits.

4. Lay a plastic tarp over the ground and surrounding surfaces to protect these areas from chemicals and paint overspray.

5. Mix 15 parts water and one part phosphoric acid in the bucket. Saturate the gate with water. Wearing gloves, dip a cloth into the mixture and apply it to the iron gate to neutralize any remaining rust areas on the gate. Allow the acid solution to sit on the surface of the metal for about five minutes and then scrub the surface gently with the scrub brush to remove any remaining rust. Rinse the surface thoroughly with water and allow it to dry.

6. Rub the wire brush over the metal again to remove any rust that flakes off the metal after treating it with phosphoric acid.

7. Shake a can of metal primer vigorously for at least three minutes and hold the can about 12 inches away from the gate. Spray the primer evenly over the metal, moving the spray can back and forth slowly to emit an even spray on the metal. Continue shaking and spraying until you coat the metal evenly with primer. Allow the primer to dry thoroughly for the time recommended on the product label.

8. Shake the spray paint in the same fashion as you shook the primer and hold it the same distance away from the metal. Spray the paint onto the metal using the same technique, starting at the top of the gate and working your way slowly down to the bottom. Get into every crevice with the paint. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly before using the gate.

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