Friday, June 3, 2011

Log Cabin Bathroom Ideas

A log cabin offers homeowners and summer vacationers a wealth of opportunity when it comes to design and log cabin bathroom décor. Mountain and lodge-type décor and accessories offer choices in everything from rustic to ultra-modern. Choosing a theme, a color palette and your accessories are only the first steps toward creating the ultimate cabin-style bathroom. Does this Spark an idea?

Woodsy Reminders

A cabin evokes images of the woods, streams, lakes, fishing and wildlife. Bring the outdoors indoors using a variety of wood-based accessories, from trash cans designed from birch bark to wood toilet seats, pine cone-shaped shower curtain rods to wood (or log) walls and floors accented with a pine cone or bear paw print etchings.

Color Schemes

When it comes to choosing colors for a log cabin bathroom, stick to the colors of the forest: rich greens, browns, reds and orange. Choose various shades of the same color palette for towels and window coverings that complement the wood tones on the walls or ceiling. Make good use of wallpaper border trims to bring a splash of color into the room that reminds you of meadows, grazing wildlife or wild birds. Keep the tones earthy and subdued for that comforting down-home feel.


While you don't want to overdo when it comes to accessorizing a log cabin bathroom, so choose your accessories wisely. Stick to wrought iron or copper or other dull metallic surfaces when it comes to towel racks, toilet paper holders or soap dishes. Such accessories can be rustic, such as in the shape of a bear or deer, to sleek, such as a wrought iron towel rack with accents on each end. You can have fun with the cabinets by replacing current knobs with those shaped like pine cones, leaves or animals.

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