Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Fight Wrongful Termination

Fighting wrongful termination is difficult but possible.

Being fired under any circumstances is a stressful experience that can affect your self-esteem as well as your financial well-being. Finding a new job is normally very time-consuming and your relationships with former co-workers can become very awkward. If you are wrongfully terminated, the situation is even more difficult. There are state and federal laws that prohibit whistleblowers from being demoted or fired as a result of their information sharing. Even if you've been wrongfully terminated for other reasons, you can fight it.


1. Notify upper-management in writing concerning your termination and the reasons you believe your discharge was unjust. If you are aware of any labor laws that apply to your situation, be sure to mention them in a respectful manner. It is possible that your termination can be overturned if higher-ups examine your case and realize the company's error.

2. Talk to the labor board in your state. Every state has its own rules and regulations regarding employment and what the rights of employers and employees are. Be open and honest about what led to your discharge and the labor board can advise you if the firing was justified or if there was a breach of law.

3. Retain an attorney. If the labor board confirms that you have a valid complaint against the company that fired you, talk to various labor law firms and see if you can get representation. You might be entitled to financial damages as a result of your discharge. Attorneys are expensive, but if you have a strong enough case against a large employer, you could possibly get an attorney on contingency, meaning he doesn't collect a fee until you collect damages.

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