Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Instructions On Make A Butterfly Pinata

Make a butterfly pinata by examining butterfly pictures to capture the natural beauty.

Pinatas are the center of entertainment at many children's birthday parties. Instead of purchasing a store- bought pinata, you can choose to make your own at home with just a few basic craft supplies. A butterfly pinata can make a nice accent for a young girl's party. You can make the pinata with your children to encourage their creativity, and they will feel proud of their work.


1. Combine one part water with one part flour. This will form a paste that you will need to hold the newspaper strips onto the balloon for the butterfly pinata.

2. Cover the work area with old newspapers. Making a pinata will prove to be a messy project.

3. Tear 1-inch strips of newspaper. Tearing the strips will leave behind rugged edges that will help the newspaper to adhere better. Make a large pile of newspaper strips because it will be better to have too many than not enough.

4. Inflate three balloons. Under inflate them to make taping them together easier. Tape them together from end to end. Place the one end of the bottom balloon in a bowl to support it while you place the newspaper strips onto it. Place the balloons into a bowl with the tied end facing upwards.

5. Spray the balloons with a nonstick spray. This will keep the balloon from sticking to the inside of the pinata once you pop it.

6. Dip the newspaper strips into the flour paste. Use your index finger and thumb to remove excess paste from the newspaper. Do not apply newspaper strips over the tied end of the top balloon. You will use this opening to fill the pinata, so make sure to leave an opening big enough for your treats.

7. Apply one layer of newspaper strips to each balloon. Allow this layer to dry, and then apply three additional layers of newspaper strips. Allow each layer to dry before applying the next.

8. Once the pinata is completely dry, use a safety pin to gently poke through the papier-mache to pop each balloon. Or if your opening at the top is big enough, pop the top balloon, and then stick your hand in to pop the other two. Turn the pi#xF1;ata upside down to remove the popped latex balloons.

9. Glue on strips of colorful tissue paper in a fringe-like manner around your papier-mache shape, which will will represent the body of the butterfly. You can choose to make this one solid color, or you can add multiple colors. The length and width of the strips will depend on your own personal preference.

10. Draw butterfly wings on cardboard. You can choose to use poster board, as well. Make the wings slightly larger than the body. Cut the wings out, and glue on colorful tissue paper to decorate them.

11. Attach the wings to the body with craft glue. Allow the wings to dry.

12. Embellish the butterfly pinata. Use pipe cleaners to make antennas, draw on eyes with a permanent marker, or paint glitter onto the butterfly.

13. Fill the butterfly pinata with candy and small toys. Use the opening at the top of the butterfly pinata to add the candy.

14. Hang the butterfly pinata. Use a hole punch to make two holes adjacent from each other 1 inch from each side of the pinata opening. Thread a heavy cord through one hole and out the next one. The amount of cord you need will depend on how low you want the pinata to hang.

Tips Warnings

Paint the butterfly pinata instead of gluing on colorful strips of tissue paper.

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