Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Print Tickets With Word

Make tickets and print them yourself.

Ticket templates in Microsoft Word can be easily modified for personal or business use. Templates are a great way to save time you would otherwise have to spend starting every project from scratch. Use tickets for event admission or event advertising.


1. In some versions of Word, you can find a template when you open a new document. From the toolbar, click File, then New. A sidebar should open that gives you choices of blank document, XML document, etc. Choose Templates on Office Online. If this choice does not appear easily, you can also follow the link to Microsoft's office template page.

2. Enter the word ticket in the template search box on the upper left of the screen. Click Search. You will be given several different tickets to choose from. View the tickets that interest you and decide on the template you want to use. Make sure the template is compatible with the program and version you have available.

3. Click on the template you want to use. Click Download. If asked to download ActiveX, click Yes. The downloaded template should automatically open on your computer.

4. Most templates have generic information that you will need to customize. Click on the parts of the template you wish to change.

5. Print in color or on colored paper and cut out tickets for use.

Tips Warnings

Choose a ticket template with easy-to-cut edges to save time.

Templates are free, but you can also purchase software to create tickets.

Consider using large address labels instead of a template. This will save time because you won't have to cut the tickets.

For numbered raffle tickets, make sure the number on each ticket is different; otherwise, you may have multiple winners.

Make sure company contact information is included on the ticket if it is to be used for advertising.

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