Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Use A Paddle Wood Drill Bit

Paddle Bit

Paddle bits have a unique character all their own. However, mastering their use is quite another story. If not used properly, they can cause the wood to splinter. One of the quality benefits that paddle bits have is the self pilot tip on the end of the bit.


1. Determine the size of hole desired and choose the appropriate paddle bit.

2. Make a mark that will be the center of the hole being drilled.

3. Set the tip of the paddle bit on that mark and begin the drilling process.

4. When the paddle part of the bit reaches to the wood, there will be a noticeable difference in the torque that the hand will feel. Gripping the drill a little tighter in your hand will make up for the added torque.

5. As the paddle bit nears the end of its cut, take care to not splinter the wood when the bit exits the hole. The best way to avoid splintering is to place a piece of scrap lumber under the one being drilled.

Tips Warnings

Always wear safety glasses.

Placing another piece of lumber under the one being drilled through will help prevent splintering as the bit exits the hole.

Do not attempt to hold the lumber that is being drilled into as this can cause injury.

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