Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bistro Patio Furniture Tips & Tricks

Bistro patio furniture is a nice addition to your patio.

Bistro patio furniture is a good way to give your backyard patio a hint of European charm. You can give your patio the ambiance of a romantic French restaurant--two chairs and a little, round table big enough for two people. The furniture is excellent when you have a friend over or if you and your significant other want breakfast or supper on the deck. Does this Spark an idea?


Chances are you want your bistro patio furniture to last. Two things have to be taken into account if the furniture you choose will be meant to last. First, the furniture will be used. It will receive wear and tear. Second, the furniture will be outside, in the sun, rain, maybe hail and snow and animals and birds. Your patio furniture should withstand such conditions, so make sure it's durable. Durable sets will be more expensive, but will be worth it. Some durable materials include wood, plastic and, the most common, wrought iron.


A bistro furniture set will not normally take up too much space. Since it is a place for people to sit, do not place it in full sunlight. Put it in a location where it can spend some time in the shade. This will also cut back on the sun fading the color of the furniture. So, the placement of the set on your patio depends largely on what your tastes are. If you enjoy sunrises or sunsets, place the set on the eastern or western side in accordance. Make sure there are no trees or buildings to obscure your view. For a water view, place the set as close to edge of patio nearest the water.


If full sunlight is really your only option, it would be best to get an umbrella that attaches to the middle of the table. Also, most bistro furniture sets do not come with cushioning. Some seat cushions will help to prevent sore bottoms. If you spend a lot of time sitting at the bistro, get some back cushions, as well. For a touch of elegance, you can drape a whimsy white cloth over the table to act as a tablecloth.


Since most sets are wrought iron, not a lot of maintenance is necessary to maintain the furniture. A good washing with warm water and soap will usually do the trick. Do this washing during the spring and fall seasons and whenever bird droppings or spills land on the furniture. Wooden bistro patio sets also need little maintenance. Make sure the furniture has a waterproof coating, such as a paint or a stain. If not, you will need to apply a coat to prevent the wood from splitting due to excess moisture. This will also allow you to clean the set with soap and water.

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