Monday, March 18, 2013

Homemade Wrought Iron Stars

Stars made from wrought iron are a popular decorative accent.

Stars are a popular decorative accent, regardless of whether your decor is chic or country. To use the shape effectively, repetition is the key. Use the silhouette of a star in various applications to create a truly appealing and unified environment. One of the most common star silhouettes is formed from wrought iron. Bending iron can be done by two basic methods--using a forming jig or heating and hammering the iron. With a few blacksmith tools and skill with a forge, you can turn out one perfectly formed star shape after another to create truly special decorative accents.


Use a Forming Jig

1. Clamp a forming jig or metal bender to a worktop. Cut a piece of 1/4-inch-thick iron to the length you need. This iron bar should be no wider than 1.25 inches to bend in the jig.

2. Clamp the end of the iron bar onto the jig, and begin to bend it around the jig with the metal bender tool.

3. Feed the iron carefully into the jig as it bends the iron piece for you.

Heat and Hammer

4. Heat a piece of the iron in a forge until it glows orange.

5. Pull the iron out of the fire using tongs and begin to hammer it into the shape you want. To achieve a curve or bend, clamp one end of the iron onto a vise to hold it while you bend it with a hammer.

6. Cool the iron off by plunging it into cold water.

7. Continue to heat and shape the iron until you get it to the shape you want.

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