Thursday, March 14, 2013

Remodel A Tuscan Bathroom

Remodeling a Tuscan bathroom

Tuscan-style bathrooms are warm and inviting spaces that highlight rich woods, wrought iron accessories and warm, Tuscan colors. This particular decorating style is extremely luxurious and has a very distinctive visual appeal. The use of natural materials, in the way of high-end surfaces such as granite, marble and tile, is very beautiful and stands up well to bathroom use. Creating a Tuscan bathroom is simple with the incorporation of a few decorating techniques, and the result is beyond compare for a bathroom that feels like a space in a Tuscan villa. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Paint the walls a warm color. Tuscan color palettes include warm gold and terra cotta orange with touches of blue and green. Paint your walls a warm color to give the space a wonderful backdrop for the other layers of Tuscan-style accents in your bathroom.

2. Choose a Tuscan-style vanity. Tuscan-style bathrooms highlight dark woods, such as warm cherry and rich mahogany and often have granite countertops. When selecting a vanity piece for your Tuscan bathroom decor, choose deep, rich woods with high-end granite for an authentic Italian feel.

3. Incorporate a marble or tile floor. Tuscan bathroom design is very rustic and earthy, so add natural materials such as marble or tile as a flooring material for a room that is luxurious and has Italian flair.

4. Choose brushed nickel fixtures. To further your Tuscan bathroom design, select brushed nickel shower and sink fixtures for an authentic Old World look and feel to your Tuscan space.

5. Select wrought iron accents and accessories. Tuscan bathrooms often include all types of wrought iron accents, such as mirrors, towel racks, picture frames and magazine holders. Add a few of these elements to your Tuscan bathroom decor to enhance the space.

6. Incorporate open shelving for accessories and towels. Open shelves are a mainstay in a Tuscan bathroom, so add open shelves and fill them with rolled up towels, toiletries and other Italian accessories.

7. Add a Tuscan-inspired piece of art. Select a wonderful Tuscan countryside scene painting, and hang it on a large wall in your bathroom for a focal point in your space that visually augments your Tuscan decor.

8. Display apothecary jars. Tuscan bathrooms are elegant, so the addition of apothecary jars filled with bath salts, bath beads and soaps on open shelves or on the vanity serve as another luxurious accent to your wonderful Italian space.

9. Add live or faux greenery. Italian spaces usually include some type of live or faux greenery elements. Choose topiaries flanking your vanity, ferns hanging in a corner or any other type of gorgeous arrangement for a final touch to your special Tuscan bathroom retreat.

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