Thursday, March 14, 2013

Types Of Murphy Beds

Bedding is strapped onto the Murphy bed to hold it in place.

A need for floor space in a one-room apartment in 1900 inspired William L. Murphy to experiment with folding his bed against the wall. He applied for a patent, and later that year, launched the Murphy Wall Bed Company. The Murphy bed is nicknamed the "disappearing bed," because its unique design allows it to be folded and concealed with the bedding strapped on, then revealed when needed. Today, the Murphy bed is available in four models. Does this Spark an idea?


The Styleline model was introduced in 1970, and remains a popular seller today. This model consists of a heavy-gauge steel frame that pivots on roller pins and iron castings. The mattress foundation is comprised of a slatted wood frame and thick urethane foam covered in nonskid fabric. The Styleline also features an automatic leg system, which folds up when the bed is in a stored position. Available in nine sizes, ranging from twin to California king, the bed is raised and lowered by a spring-loaded counter-balancing system.


The Deluxe differs from the Styleline in that it has smaller depth requirements. This model features a thinner foundation as well as a modified counter-balancing system. The Deluxe is available in three sizes: twin, double, and queen.


The Economy bed takes up less depth than the Deluxe. This model features a mattress support of steel ribbons and helical springs, which is attached to the bed frame. This unique support system eliminates the need for the separate mattress foundation required in other models. The Economy is available in three sizes: twin, three-quarter, and double.

Side Bed

The Side Bed model is basically the Deluxe turned on its side. Rather than raising and lowering vertically from the foot of the bed, this model is installed horizontally, enabling it to be lowered from its side. The Side Bed is available in three sizes: twin, three-quarter, and double.

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