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Western Cabin Decor

Horseshoes, cattle skulls and wrought iron accessories suit western cabin decor.

Western cabin decor involves western-theme decorating, such as combining symbols of the old West with rustic home furnishings. The western theme and cabin decor share elements with country decorating and rustic decor, using natural and hand-crafted elements. Integrating the comforts of contemporary life with the cozy feel of a western cabin requires a balance between functional elements such as furniture and rugs and expressing your own tastes and interests. Rustic hand-made decorations connect with a simpler past, the Sheffield School advises. Does this Spark an idea?

Cabin Accessories

Hand-crafted antique or reproduction sculptures of animals, galvanized pails, wrought iron hardware and classic symbols of the old West such as horseshoes, saddles, branding irons and hand-woven blankets creates the atmosphere of a western cabin. For a home with a fireplace, using wrought iron andirons decorated with horseshoes or horses and wrought iron fireplace tools gives an authentic look. Braided rugs, mounted bull horns displayed on the wall, a rifle rack and displays of old toys, such as horses and cowboys or early trains, suit this theme. Saddle blankets work well as rugs, according to Apartment Therapy.

Western Cabin Furniture

Furnishing with western decor offers many choices because of the wide range of rustic and western-themed furniture. Rustic decorating evolved from the style of hunting lodges and fits well with western cabin decor. Old chests can be used as coffee tables, and original or reproduction farmhouse-style plank tables suit the kitchen or dining room. Ladder-back chairs, a stool or ottoman with a saddle on it, end tables made from barrels, hand-crafted benches with the bark left on and old-fashioned leather armchairs, couches, footstools and leather-topped desks work well for western cabin decor. An antique or reproduction iron bed, four-poster bed or a bed with large bed posts covered in hand-woven blankets or handmade quilts transform the bedroom.

Authentic Details

Everyday functional details add up to a western cabin decorating scheme that feels complete. By changing the existing door and cabinet hardware to wrought iron handles or ceramic door knobs and drawer pulls, you create an instant connection with the old West. Old bottles displayed on cabinets or along window ledges, a coiled bullwhip hanging on the wall, flour-sack dish towels, a wooden bread box, ironstone crocks, old-fashioned scoops for flour and sugar -- you can combine any of these decorative elements and everyday items to create the western look.

Western Wall Art

Cowboy-themed art and photographs play up the western theme.

Wall art featuring cowboys, women of the old West, bulls, horses, prairie sunsets and chickens work with western cabin decor. Picking one theme, such as cowboys, and framing the art in matching rustic frames made from unfinished wood gives the home a unified feeling. Alternatively, showcasing a different western subject in each room personalizes the different parts of your home. Hang cowgirl art in a girl's room, cowboys in a boy's room, prairies in the living room and chickens in the kitchen, or choose different artists or photographers to feature in each part of the house.

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