Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Styles And Designs Of Outdoor Fences

Wooden fences offer many style options.

When looking for outdoor fence ideas, consider your personal style and specific needs. A few things to consider are what type of plants and landscaping you want to have, the level of privacy desired, and your personal taste in decor. Whether you're striving to create a new look to your property, are in need of increased privacy or concerned about security, there are several decorative styles and designs of outdoor fences that can accommodate your needs. Does this Spark an idea?

Lattice Fencing

Lattice fencing allows for limited privacy.

Wooden lattice fencing is a popular choice because of its versatility. You can build a variety of decorative fences with this material and increase or reduce your level of backyard privacy, since the narrow wood strips leave small open spaces throughout the panels. Add a narrow row of lattice panels across a short wooden fence for a decorative touch without completely closing off your yard, or use larger lattice panels to create a boundary at your property line without sacrificing an open view beyond your fence. Lattice fencing is ideal for climbing plants such as ivy or grape vines.

Wrought-Iron Fencing

Wrought-iron fences often incorporate intricate designs.

If you'd like to add a classic look to your home or property, consider a wrought-iron fence design. Wrought-iron fences are typically black but can also be found in gold, bronze or silver tones. For what this fencing lacks in privacy, it makes up for in security, as it's not easily broken through. Wrought-iron fencing is available in a variety of styles that include straight and squared-off top edges, arches or spear-like tips at the top of each rung to create a castle-like look. Many iron fences have intricate shapes, floral designs or monograms incorporated into the body of the fencing for added decor.

Brick Pillars

Brick pillars can be used instead of wooden posts.

If you like the look of natural bricks but don't want to build a solid wall around your property, create a brick and wood or brick and iron fence to line your property. In lieu of iron or wooden posts, build brick pillars and secure wooden planks or iron bars horizontally between them to create the boundaries. Top each pillar with flat concrete slates to prevent your pillars from filling with rain water, and for added style and decor you can add potted plants or ceramic statues on top of the slates.

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