Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Decorating Ideas For A Bed With No Head Or Foot Boards

Vintage pieces of furniture work well in place of a headboard or footboard.

Just because your bed lacks a headboard and a footboard doesn't mean that your bedroom decor should be bland or lack personality. You can easily imitate the look of a headboard or footboard with a bit of creativity that reflects your own style, or you can opt for a completely different and inventive way to accessorize the head and foot of your bed. Does this Spark an idea?

Headboard Replacements

You can create the look of an attached headboard in a variety of ways that suit any decorating style. For a vintage, shabby-chic look, attach a whitewashed picket fence to the wall with screws behind the head of the bed. For a chic French-inspired look, attach the gate of a wrought-iron fence; these come in different heights and designs. Create your own fabric-covered faux headboard out of pressboard covered with batting and fabric and attach it to the wall with screws.

Footboard Replacements

A footboard at the end of the bed signals a transition between a sleeping space and another area in the bedroom. A piece of furniture at the end of the bed works just as well. A vintage trunk at the foot of the bed doubles as a storage piece, while a large bench is streamlined enough to be unobtrusive and also work as bedroom seating if necessary. A console table the same height as the bed imitates the look of a footboard and doubles as a display area for photos and accessories.


In lieu of a headboard or a footboard, create a suspended canopy. Hang curtain rods the same width or slightly wider than your bed directly above the head and foot of your bed. Suspend the curtain rods from S-shaped hooks and fishing line so that they hang a few inches below the ceiling. Drape long lengths of fabric over the rods so that the cloth hangs elegantly above the head and foot of the bed, creating a canopy.

Folding Screens and Vintage Doors

Folding screens and vintage doors add a dramatic flair when used in place of headboards. Place an antique door or exotic screen at the head of the bed for an old-world look. Screens can be placed in a resting position behind the bed, while doors can be suspended from the ceiling or bolted to the wall.

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