Monday, March 25, 2013

Treatments For Iron Windows

Iron framed windows may seem utilitarian or prison-like to some, however iron can be extremely ornamental. There are some techniques you can employ to accentuate the iron elements of your windows and give your home a rich, Gothic appearance. Does this Spark an idea?

Iron Rods

Installing an iron rod is perhaps one of the easiest ways to treat an iron window and accentuate the iron frame. Just because a curtain rod has to hold up fabric doesn't mean that it has to be plain or perfectly straight. You can find rather ornate iron curtains rods that feature intricate scrolls, etchings or other designs. The iron curtain rod naturally goes with the iron frame of the window and the intricate design of the rod helps bring attention to both.

Iron Window Grills

Use an iron window grill to both ornament your existing window in a simple yet intriguing fashion, and as a way to accentuate the iron frame of your window. Firstly, installing an iron window grill allows you to choose from myriad designs and patterns, many of which are intricate. However, once you install such a grill on your windows, you won't need to hang curtains or drapes but can just let the windows stand bare with their new grills. The grills also bring out the ironwork in the window frame and give your windows a string Gothic feel, almost making your home into a cathedral.

Wrought Iron Cornice

Make no mistake: A wrought iron cornice is a bold and distinctive way to give your room a strongly Gothic feel. A wrought iron cornice is like a window valance except made out of metal. This cornice goes at the very top of the window over the drapes, creating a sort of iron crown. Wrought iron can take on a near endless amount of designs or scrolls. It is a very heavy, daring look that will coordinate with your iron window frame, but which will also most likely take attention away from the frame.

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