Monday, March 11, 2013

Cow Print Ideas

Add interest to a space with cow print.

Add interest to any room in your home with cow print. This eye-catching pattern comes in black or brown and is ideal for use in a Western-themed room. When using this print, however, use it sparingly, as too much can be overbearing and make a room too busy. Does this Spark an idea?


Use cow print to bring a lively feeling to a bedroom. Turn the wall where the bed is into into a focal wall by painting it white and creating different-sized irregular-shaped ovals and circles with brown or black paint. Cover the bed with a down or down alternative white comforter and accent it with a cow print throw blanket or pillow. A wrought iron or log bed frame works well in a bedroom that features cow print. Cover the windows with microfiber curtains that match the color cow spots you created on the wall. Place wrought iron lamps on the bedside tables. Hang a wrought iron star on the wall above your bed to complete the look.


Give your kitchen a Western frontier vibe that features cow print. Paint the walls a warm shade of yellow or red. Place a repurposed wooden table in the space, surrounded by wooden chairs that are topped with cow print cushions. Display cow print hand towels and pot holders on the countertops or off of the oven. Baskets hung on the walls not only serve as decorations, but can be removed to hold food. A pot holder installed on the ceiling to hold your pots and pans adds a rustic touch to the space. You could also use dishes that feature cow print or actual images of cows.

Living Room

A Western-themed living room is relaxing and inviting. Bring in a black or brown overstuffed sofa and chairs and accent them with cow print throw pillows. Place a cow print area rug on the floor. Hang a chandelier made of antlers from the ceiling or antlers on the wall. Place a large picture of a farm landscape that features a cow in a wooden frame and hang it on a wall. Give a light wood coffee table an aged look by using a hammer to softly bang some dents into it. Place a tall, thin vase inside a cowboy boot, fill it with a bouquet of wildflowers and display it in the center of the coffee table.

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