Thursday, March 14, 2013

Restore Baby Furniture

Baby furniture may be repainted to freshen its look.

Once a piece of baby furniture has been used used for a few children, it probably has some chips in the paint, dings, or loose parts and needs some restoration work. Baby furniture that was used for a child of one sex but needs to be converted to be used by a child of another sex can also be refinished to be appropriate for either a boy or a girl. With time and care, you can turn an ordinary piece of baby furniture into a family heirloom. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Set up your work area. Choose a room that is well ventilated if working inside. Lay down a drop cloth under the piece of furniture to collect debris created during stripping and sanding, and painting.

2. Apply paint stripper according to the manufacturer's directions--usually it's painted on with a paintbrush--and allow it to sit on the paint for the recommended amount of time to soften it. Peel the old paint off with paint scraper. Repeat the process of applying stripper and scraping it off if any original paint remains on the furniture after the first strip. Continue until there is no trace of original paint left on the furniture.

3. Sand the surface of the furniture with a fine- to medium-grade sandpaper to remove noticeable scratch marks or other flawed areas. Pay particular attention to corners or other areas the baby is likely to bump into or hold onto. Wipe each piece of furniture down with a dry cloth to remove sanding dust.

4. Paint the baby furniture with a paintbrush. Paint several thin coats if necessary to achieve even coverage, rather than one thick layer. Allow each coat to dry thoroughly--usually for 8 hours or overnight--before adding the next. Inspect the furniture after each coat to ensure no spots in corners or crevices were missed.

5. Decorate each piece of furniture once the paint has had time to dry completely. Stencil or stamp designs such as alphabet blocks or teddy bears on the outer sides or tops of the furniture to create a unique piece that matches your nursery theme or decor.

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