Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rooftop Deck Ideas

Rooftop decks are the ideal spot for enjoying an evening meal with friends and family or lounging in on a lazy afternoon. Use colorful plants and herbs and create a garden. Plant them in containers and scatter them around your deck for an attractive design. Comfortable chairs with colorful pillows accented in your favorite colors will provide seating on your deck with an added bit of color and design. Hang lights around your deck for a magical glow at night. Does this Spark an idea?

Planter Boxes

Rooftop decks are the perfect spot for planting your favorite flowers and plants. With full sun beating down upon the roof, you can create a beautiful garden that will brighten up your space. Durable and weatherproof, cedar boxes will provide a spot for your plants. Cedar's weather-resistant and neutral brown color will blend in nicely with the outside deck and contrast with the colorful plants. To save space, place the cedar boxes around the rooftop deck. This will free up the middle part of the deck for a dining table to entertain family and friends. Use small and large cedar boxes mixed with perennials and herbs for an attractive design. Perennials come up every year and will give you a lifetime of enjoyment without breaking your budget. They also love full sun which makes them ideal for the roof.

Water Feature

Provide a peaceful and inviting space by installing a water fountain on your rooftop deck. Fountains come in many different sizes and shapes and will create a peaceful and cozy space for relaxing. To create a water feature, fill a stainless steel basin with stone and pebbles. These basins are water tight, allowing the water to circulate inside the basin. Next, install the fountain over the stones. The water coming off the fountain will fill up the basin and cover the rocks giving you a beautiful water scape. For an added design element, use water-loving plants like water lilies and place them in your fountain. These plants will help filter the water while providing a lush and exotic touch to your water feature.


Seating is essential to your rooftop deck for entertaining friends and family or hosting an event outside. Comfort and style mixed together will create the perfect space. Consider using seating with built-in storage for added space.

Line the rooftop with benches that can also double as a storage space for garden tools and outdoor supplies. Placed along the circumference of the deck, they will free up space while providing adequate seating. Add a weather-resistant and comfortable patio set for evening meals with friends. Wrought-iron is very durable and can withstand the outside elements while providing a classic design element on your deck. Use pillows and rugs accented in blues and yellows for your chairs. For shade, install an umbrella above your dining table.

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