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Types Of Fencing Material

Types of Fencing Material

Fences are a necessity for many home or business owners for a variety of reasons. Thankfully there are as many types and styles of functions as there are reasons for having them. They come in varieties that will fit even the most stringent homeowner association codes. Some may look like they are guarding a prison yard while others are so natural or artistic that everyone on the block will end up wanting one. Does this Spark an idea?


Fencing materials range from chain link to wooden slat, bamboo to tin. Other types of fences include wooden picket, wrought iron, stone, cement, plastic or wooden lattice, aluminum, rock and even fences made from hedges. Scale can range from massive, fortress walls that people need ladders to climb to fences so low that the smallest puppy can easily hop over.


Fences can serve a number of functions, depending on the type of material used. Wrought iron and chain link serve to keep intruders out, but don't do much for privacy. Conversely, bamboo and hedge fences are great privacy fences but are easily felled by anyone wanting to get in. Fences can also be used to mark property lines, keep pets and small children contained and deter people from walking across the yard.


Regardless of the type of fence, most share some common features. An entrance is usually marked by some type of gate or by an open area. Fence posts are usually installed at set intervals so the fencing material has something to which it can be attached. Extras include a top level of barbed or electrified wire or ornate handiwork. Some wrought iron fences, for instance, may sport spikes, fleur de lis, skulls, gargoyles, scrolls and other elaborate designs throughout or atop the fence.


The first thought when considering a fence should be its function. Those who are looking for privacy, for instance, will have a much different selection that those wanting a fence to keep prisoners contained in a jail yard. The second consideration should be the cost. Some of the cheaper fences, such as plastic lattice or bamboo, can be incredibly economical, but they also lack durability and longevity. The climate should be another factor to consider, as some materials, such as bamboo or wood, will rot in constant rain or blow away in windy climes.


Some fencing goals may be achieved by combining more than one type of fence. An unattractive yet durable chain-link fence can be backed by ornamental hedges, interwoven with light wooden or colorful plastic slats or be lined with a layer of bamboo fencing. Others have erected concrete wall fences to a certain height and then topped them off with a chain-link to add even more height at a reasonable cost.

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