Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Prom Ideas & Themes

Two teens ready for prom.

Prom is an exciting event for high school students. While many of the aspects remain the same, such as girls in gorgeous gowns, guys in tuxedos, and a fancy dance, proms can use a wide variety of themes. With careful planning and attention to the details, special prom themes and other ideas can help make this special night even more memorable. Does this Spark an idea?

Parisian Prom

A prom with Parisian flair is sure to be tres chic. Strings of white lights illuminating the room give the hall the romantic glow and ambiance of Paris. A replica of the Eiffel tower will make the students at prom feel as though they are in the city of love. To create the feel of a sidewalk cafe in Paris, add metal tables and chairs that look like those found at a cafe to a corner of the prom hall. Prom-goers will enjoy relaxing at the cafe-inspired spot when they have grown tired of dancing.

Lovely Luau

With summer just around the corner, a luau-themed prom is a fun way to wrap up the school year. Greet guests with colorful leis and flowers for their hair. Give the room bursts of color by filling it with brightly colored balloons and beach balls. Fake palm trees will lend a tropical vibe to the space, as will fake tiki torches. Serve fun tropical beverages, such as fresh fruit smoothies and virgin pina coladas from a surf hut adorned with surfboards.

Hollywood Gala

A Hollywood themed prom ensures a glamorous evening, fit for the biggest movie stars, as well as happy prom goers. Lead the way to the prom hall with a luscious red carpet. Inside, create a Hollywood Walk of Fame from cardboard decorated with golden stars. Instead of celebrities, let the stars show off the names of teachers, as well as the prom court. With golden balloons, tons of glitter and star shaped decorations throughout the hall, the high schoolers will feel like celebrities.

Palace Prom

Make Queen Elizabeth jealous with an enchanting prom theme inspired by a palace. A lit wrought iron gate makes a stunning entrance for the event. Inside, turrets and towers give the appearance of a castle. Adorning the hall with white decorative lights and hanging flowing cloth from the ceiling will give any space a majestic and royal feel. Balloons of deep violets have a regal look that will help decorate the space. The royal setting will make the high schoolers feel like princes and princesses.

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