Friday, March 29, 2013

Rustic Foyer Ideas

Old coat hooks work well in a rustic foyer.

Rustic decorating uses natural materials, handmade, old or antique furniture, and details that evoke an earlier style of life. The foyer serves as the introduction to your home, the zone between the outside and the living area. Giving this area practical features for hanging outer wear and storing items such as boots or mail keeps the foyer looking neat and inviting. Selecting furniture and accessories that feature a rustic style or altering your existing furniture and accessories gives your foyer timeless rustic charm. Does this Spark an idea?

Handmade and leather furniture

A handcrafted bench or armchair serves the practical purpose of providing a place to sit for removing shoes or winter boots, while taking up minimal space. A chair or stool with a small footprint positioned in one corner or a narrow bench along one wall appears hospitable without crowding the foyer. Distressed leather, exposed nail heads, benches or stools crafted from branches or raw wood all serve the rustic theme. An old wooden chest or rectangular table with a natural wood or natural finish increases storage space in a rustic foyer.

Wrought Iron Details

Wall-mounted, wrought-iron coat hooks, coat rack, chandelier, candelabra and hardware fit well with a rustic theme. Replacing the door hardware with an old-fashioned wrought iron handle, substituting wrought iron handles for drawer pulls on a hall table or chest of drawers and replacing regular chest or door hinges with decorative wrought iron ones changes the look of the existing door and furniture at minimal cost. This strategy also works well for unifying distressed furniture with the rustic theme. Removing ordinary or new-looking handles and door pulls and adding wrought iron helps to create the rustic look.

Rustic Accessories

A barrel or powder keg works well as an umbrella and cane holder. A coat tree offers hooks for coats and hats, and some models include a seat and storage space. The antique ones usually feature bold, attractive hardware, such as large wrought iron hooks. Antique bottles, jars and crocks provide options for adding subtle touches of color to a rustic entryway. Handmade baskets, such as those woven from twigs or grapevines can serve to cover ordinary flower pots for a display of houseplants in the foyer. Natural-fiber rugs, such as jute, work well for reducing soil tracked into your home and work with this theme.

Finishing Touches

Although rustic themes often include animal skins and antlers, unexpected yet old-fashioned decorative objects can personalize your rustic foyer. Old pottery in natural colors such as rust, gold, ivory, gray, brown, black and green make useful organizers for mail, spare keys or other small items. Placing them on a window sill or high shelf keep the contents private, and they can serve double-duty as holders for pussy willows, cat tails or sprays of maple leaves. Decorative objects, such as hand-carved animals, an old model cars, a replica of an old ship or early model airplane add personality to a rustic foyer.

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