Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The History Of Stanley Tools

The History of Stanley Tools

Stanley Works, often referred to as "Stanley Tools" or simply "Stanley" is a large tool and hardware manufacturing company. It has been formed through numerous corporate acquisitions over the years.


Stanley was founded in 1843 by Fredrick Trent Stanley in New Britain, Connecticut. Originally, it was a small bolt manufacturing firm making products out of wrought iron.

Forming Stanley Works

Stanley Works was formed by a merger in 1920. It merged Stanley's Bolt Manufacturing company with the Stanley Rule and Level Company to form the modern corporate entity. It was listed on the NYSE in 1966.

Stanley Today

Today, Stanley is a large tool manufacturer with nearly $4.5 billion in sales and over 17,000 employees. It is headquartered in New Britain.


Stanley Works has acquired numerous manufacturers, such as: MAC Tools, Bostitch, CST Berger, Goldblatt, Blick and Facom.

The Future

Recent acquisitions point to Stanley diversifying away from mechanical tools and hardware and into new technological fields. In 2008, with its acquisition of Xmark, it entered into RFID technology and medical equipment.

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