Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Make A Chandelier From Clamp Lights

Chandeliers are hanging light fixtures with two or more light-bearing arms.

While many people think of a massive hanging assortment of ornate lights in a ballroom as a chandelier, these light fixtures can come in many shapes, sizes and styles. Any ceiling-mounted light fixture that has two or more light-bearing arms is considered a chandelier. Most chandeliers can be purchased at a hardware or home improvement store as a complete unit. Like chandeliers, clamp lights come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. Whether they are hardware lights or desk lamps, their common feature is they can be attached with a clamp to a structure. Those who are artistic-minded can use them to build their own chandelier.


1. Mount the wrought iron arm to a load-bearing structure, such as a wall or sturdy post. Use bolts or screws in accordance with the design of the wrought iron arm.

2. Hang the chandelier chain from the wrought iron arm.

3. Attach the central fixture of your choice to the other end of the chandelier chain. The fixture can be any shape or style you prefer, just as long as it is strong enough and large enough to hold all of your clamp lights. Fixtures smaller than 20 inches in diameter are best for smaller rooms, while those between 20 and 30 inches in diameter are best for larger rooms. The fixture should hang from the end of the chandelier chain, or it can be hung on a higher link for greater height.

4. Attach the clamp lights to the central fixture. Be creative with your placement and positioning of these lights.

5. Feed the power cables of the lights up the chandelier chain and along the wrought iron arm. Run them together down the wall or post and plug them into a main power strip. Use extension cords, if necessary.

6. Plug the power strip into a wall outlet, preferably one on a circuit with a light switch or dimmer.

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