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About Decorative Wrought Iron Wall Panels

Wrought iron wall panels add a classic look to many types of decor.

Decorative wrought iron wall panels can add unique character to both interior and exterior walls. These panels can be found in many different designs, from the modern to the traditional. Wrought iron panels can also be found in a wide array of sizes and shapes to fit any purpose. Finishes can vary from natural rust to classic black, or painted to fit into any d cor. A variety of faux finishes are also available. Does this Spark an idea?

Mass-produced Panels

Most of the decorative wrought iron panels are mass-produced in factories in the United States and around the world. Designs tend toward traditional scrollwork, but other styles are sometimes offered, such as simple Mission designs, Arts-and-Crafts styling or pieces with a Renaissance or medieval appearance. Choose from any of these styles to best fit your room's design. Prices can range from $50 to several hundred dollars, depending on size and style.


Mass-produced wrought iron panels can vary widely in the quality of craftsmanship. Many inexpensive panels have only minimal tack-welds to hold the design together. Higher-quality pieces have more substantial welds, even on small, decorative design items. Finishing also can range from the minimal, slap-dash finish to careful coating of all welds, crevices and mounting equipment. Take the time to carefully examine the panel, both front and back, as well as all small details of the piece. Better-quality panels will have a solid feel and long-lasting appearance. Cheaper pieces will rattle when shaken, and finishing will be minimal. Pay only for what you're actually getting.

Architectural Salvage

Architectural salvage yards often have pieces removed from buildings that have been torn down or renovated. They often carry wrought iron pieces that were once wall panels, or pieces of gates or fencing that can be used as a wall panel, according to RecylingThePast. These pieces are often very well-crafted, with unusual designs that make it well worth the trip. These pieces also may have some status or historical significance as part of the buildings from which they were removed. Prices are generally reasonable.

Custom-made Wall Panels

If in your search for the perfect wrought iron wall panel, you cannot find a suitable piece for your needs, consider having a panel custom-made by your local welding shop or metalsmith. These can vary in price, depending on whether you require designs to be hand-forged or can be satisfied with stamped metal pieces integrated into the design. Historical patterns are available for use as elements in custom-crafted panels, according to InditalUSA. These often turn out to be very special pieces that can incorporate meaningful symbols, coats-of-arms or even family initials. Expect to pay several hundred to up to $1,000 for custom-made wrought iron panels.

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