Monday, September 2, 2013

Victorian Garden Decorating Ideas

Enhance a Victorian garden with vibrant roses

England's Victorian era was known for its decorative, flowering gardens. Create a Victorian-inspired arbor with elegant ornaments, vibrant blooms and sculptured landscape. Design an old-fashioned garden complete with draping vines, colorful roses and marble statues. Provide plenty of seating and table options for hosting garden tea parties and summer soirees. Does this Spark an idea?

Garden Furniture

Enhance your garden with furniture, inspired by the era, that creates a place for intimate conversations and small gatherings, surrounded by blooming flowers. Choose a cast-iron settee, which will accommodate two people, and matching chairs. Look for cast iron featuring intricate curves and designs. Set up a pedestal table or two for holding cold drinks and light snacks.

Ornamental Items

Add flair to your Victorian garden with charming ornamental items. Display garden decor such as natural stone maiden and cherub sculptures. Make an opulent gold and marble sundial the focal point of the garden. Attract wildlife with decorative bird baths and houses.

Garden Trellis

Create an enchanted garden vibe with a Victorian-inspired arched trellis. Install a cast-iron or white wooden trellis at the entrance to a flower or vegetable garden. Enhance the trellis by weaving colorful climbing roses or ivy vines through it. Guests will delight in walking under the trellis to enter the garden.

Garden Fountains

Opulent water fountains will add a serene, Victorian feel to a garden. Choose a classic-looking bronze pedestal fountain featuring cherub, lion's head or mermaid details. A swan-shaped marble fountain will add elegance to the garden. Look for tiered fountains featuring ornate carving, to add extra drama.

Victorian Garden Flowers

Beautify your garden with the same flower types that graced Victorian gardens centuries ago. Plant a flower garden featuring romantic roses, wisteria, morning glory, lilies, daffodils, tulips, asters, lavender and honeysuckle. Choose blooms featuring a wide range of bold colors to create a vibrant look. If you have space, include a fig tree and magnolia and camellia shrubs. Victorian gardens were sculpted to perfection, featuring rows of hedges and topiary plants.

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