Friday, September 6, 2013

Decorate A Moroccan Bedroom

Decorate a Moroccan Bedroom

You do not need a palace in Marrakesh to rock the Casbah look. You can invest in a full suite of furniture in dark tropical hardwoods, or just spend the weekend doing a quick Morocco theme update by painting an accent wall and switching out textiles. Either way, have fun juxtaposing rich hues, busy patterns, and gold accents to create a decadent aesthetic. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Update your bedroom with Moroccan architectural elements. Engraved or embossed wooden shutters embellish many Moroccan homes. Hand-painted tile may line a bedroom window sill, or the window may feature an elaborate wrought iron screen. Arches or pillars around doorways evoke a Moroccan palace.

2. Paint or finish your bedroom with rich jewel tones. Turquoise, ruby, emerald, amethyst, and amber create a lavish look. You can keep window frames, door frames, and the ceiling a crisp, blue-based white for a cleaner look, or fill the space with vivid color for a busier effect. Deep hues of plum, mustard, cobalt, and bottle green work well as accent colors.

3. Integrate furniture made of dark wood that features elaborate details. A low, hexagon-shaped table with engraved panels and cut-outs can serve as a nightstand. A tall armoire with hand-painted scenery on the doors functions as a dresser. Set a low pouf or tufted ottoman in a corner and surround it with large floor cushions to establish a reading area.

4. Accent the furnishings with Moroccan artwork, linens and lighting. Hammered tin lanterns with colored glass insets create a dramatic look in a Moroccan bedroom. Canopies, curtains, and mosquito nets around the bed may feature solid hues of burgundy, plum, indigo, and cobalt, or may have embellishments of gold-stamped paisley, beading, fringe, pom poms, embroidery, or small mirrors.

5. Personalize your Moroccan decor by filling a floating shelf with a collection of handicrafts or souvenirs from world travels. Hang favorite artwork in elaborately engraved wooden frames finished in gold leaf.

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