Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Rustic Garden Decor

Rustic garden decorations can be purchased, made or found secondhand. Being creative and using old rustic items creates eye appeal while recycling. On paper, create a draft copy of the garden area and pencil in the rustic items available to see how they fit. This will save time when it comes to landscaping the new decorator items. Does this Spark an idea?

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron is a common rustic feature for gardens. A wrought iron fence can accent a small garden area or mark a pathway. The fencing can be purchased in various heights to fit the garden area. Buy wrought iron fencing at garden stores and suppliers.

Place wrought iron benches and furniture along garden paths or in flower beds as decoration. The furniture will rust for a rustic look. If the furniture will be used as seating, coat it with a clear finish either before or after the rusting is present.

Wrought iron sculptures are created by garden artists using rusty recycled iron. The sculptures can be found in various heights and sizes, ranging from garden stakes to life-sized creations. These items can be found at craft and art shows if a local artist is not available.

Home Furnishings

Purchase old and worn home furnishings at garages sales and auctions for low prices. Chairs, bed headboards, ladders and cabinets are common antique and rustic pieces used as garden décor. Many old chairs are missing the wicker seat area, which allows for placement of a terra-cotta pot filled with flower plants. Place the chair in a flower bed for a height accent. Rusty iron headboards make rustic fencing or borders for a flower bed. Antique or worn wooden ladders leaning against a tree or fence create an area for vine plants to grow. Ladders can also be made using sticks or tree branches. Antique cabinets and dressers make for storage area in a potting shed or can be used to create a potting bench in a remote garden area.

Urns and Pots

Find old terra-cotta pots, metal buckets and urns at garage sales, auctions or in the garbage. These items create a rustic decoration for garden areas even if they have holes in them. A container with holes in the bottom can be turned on the side and planted with flowers as though they are spilling out. Add liners to old containers or fill holes with caulk to make the pots usable for planting. Rustic urns and pots can accent water features by submerging or decorating the edge of the feature. A large urn can be used for a fountain or as decoration in a flower bed.

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