Thursday, September 19, 2013

Compare Automatic Gate Openers

Any type of gate can be equipped with an automatic opener.

Automatic gate openers offer convenience and security for home owners. Gate openers also provide privacy when connected to an audio or visual communication device. Many insurance companies offer lower premiums to home owners who utilize electric gates. Does this Spark an idea?


When comparing gate openers, the first things to consider are the type and size of your gate. How much the gate weighs helps to determine the amount of power your gate operator will need. The length of the gate or gates needs to be measured as well.


Gates can open in different ways, such as swing or slide. How your gate opens and knowing whether or not it is a double or single gate are important factors when shopping for an opener.


Automatic gate operators are designed to open gates in a number of ways and the location of the operator can vary greatly. You can choose from swing arm, linear arm and slide operating systems. The location of the operator can be on a column, underground, overhead or on a ground pad.


One other thing to consider is the mode of access you want to use. This can be keypad, telephone entry, card reader or remote control.

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